Acting Through Song: Putting "You" Up Front

Acting Through Song: Putting "You" Up Front


Registration ends: 11/13/2018

Date/Time: November 13-December 11, every Tuesday from 7-9:30pm

Place: Madison Ballet

Age: 15-Up

Cost: $300

Instructors: Andrew Abrams and Gail Becker

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This course focuses on honing the skills you need to improve your audition experience. Specifically you will refine and polish the repertoire you already have in your book while adding new repertoire in class. You will learn to better identify objectives, assign actions, perfect your point of focus and make the acting part of the song a "real" experience for both you and the audience.  Each student will work every week and be assigned one or two new songs to learn and workshop.  On the final class day, students will have the opportunity to perform for some industry professionals and receive individual feedback. Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced level students are encouraged to enroll.