Led by Whitney Derendinger

Class Currently Closed. New Course will Open Soon.

This course is an intensive training course in developing monologues in preparation for audition, but will also build upon Stanislavski principles to enhance work being the audition.  We will explore techniques for the pieces you bring in, as well as develop techniques and training that you can bring to your future work. We will explore:

  • Monologue selection

  • Monologue development and polishing

  • Script analysis

  • Audition ettiquette

  • Exercises for monologue exploration

  • Audition techniques and preparation

  • Audition curve balls

  • Monologue and audition traps

  • Cold readings

Everyone will be on their feet, working and developing their pieces every day. Work will consist of developing the physical and vocal life of the actor through individual, partnered, and small group exercises.  Through these exercises, we will: find the fundamental drama within a text; invest new life into old pieces; cultivate a skill set for approaching new work; and prepare the actor for the challenges of the audition, the callback, and beyond. 

Please come in with at least one memorized, polished monologue for day one. Two (or more) is great, but I ask that you have one piece solidly up on its feet so we can start when you walk in the room.

About the Instructor

Whitney Derendinger is a professional actor, stage combat instructor, teacher, and voice and movement coach with over 20 years of experience. Whitney has worked in Chicago, St. Louis, and has toured nationally. He currently reside in Madison, Wisconsin after earning his Master of Fine Arts in Acting from UW-Madison. His passion for working onstage is matched only by his love of coaching and training young actors and theatre artists.