Broadway World Previews: Capital City Theatre's "ON THE TOWN"
Joshua K.A. Johnson, Eddie Gutierrez, Nicolas Dromard

Joshua K.A. Johnson, Eddie Gutierrez, Nicolas Dromard

Reviewer Scott Rawson discusses his views of the stereotypes in On The Town and how those views radically changed after seeing rehearsals, speaking to the cast, and hearing Director Josh Walden’s perspective on the female empowerment he is bringing to life in the show. The director spoke at length about how the women characters, in turn, empower the men by being strong characters; and how times have changed.

“It was right after the war and people were looking for a reason to just forget, they would laugh at anything. Now we want substance, and I am trying to blend the two worlds together,” Josh Walden


Mirrors aligned the (rehearsal) space, so watching the dancers from all angles was truly awe inspiring. The tightness of the choreography was incredible and the vocals majestic.” ~Broadway World

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