Give to the Arts, and They Give Right Back to You

It’s about passion and connection. That’s what stories, music, and art combine to do. Musical theatre helps us plug into our souls, invites us to play, and inspires our own talents, whatever they may be. We are inexplicably changed because a team of committed people have taken a chance to perfect their craft, and then take us along for the ride. Play a part in the unique Capital City Theatre mission that brings both top talent and first rate education to its stage.


Members of our Capital Club are our angel investors who donate $1000 or more and who are committed to long-term business sustainability. Your donation will go directly to funding key operational expenses of the theatre, ensuring the highest quality productions and education programs possible.  Sponsor the rental of the theatre for a production, fund a student’s education, pay the salary of a visiting lead role/star, or fund a member of a show’s creative team or backstage talent.

Members contribute $1000 or more and get special perks in return!


Ticket sales only support about 40% of a theatre company’s expenses. It takes a lot to put up one show, and even more to run a successful season of shows, year after year. Your donations will help offset the costs of paying the the actors, director, production staff, orchestra, management personnel as well as the performance space rental, building materials and a never ending list of day-to-day expenses. They could also help fund a scholarship for deserving students in our education programs.

Become a patron & get memorable thank you gifts in return!

STANDING OVATION – ($500-$999)

  • Specially Scheduled Backstage Tour (Plus All Items Below)

APPLAUSE – ($250-$499)

  • Pre-Sale Ticket Alerts
  • Show Poster
  • Discount Ticket Vouchers for “Friends” (Plus All Items Below)

CURTAIN UP – ($100-$249)

  • Find Your Light T-Shirt (Plus Item Below)

SPOTLIGHT – ($25-$99)

  • Capital City Theatre Car Magnet


  1. Specially Reserved, Premium Seating
  2. Pre-Sale Ticket Discounts Pre-Sale Ticket Alerts
  3. Show Poster
  4. Capital City Theatre Car Magnet
  5. Find Your Light T-Shirt Discount Ticket Vouchers for “Friends”
  6. Access to “Beyond The Stage” Events including:
  • Cast Talk-backs
  • Meet & Greets
  • Personal Set and Backstage Tours
  • Invitations to VIP Capital Club Events
  • Capital Club Newsletter

Corporate sponsorships with advertising spots in our program, in our newsletter, and in promotional materials are also available. Click below for levels of giving, or contact our Development Director ( for a more customized approach!



You could donate the sets or costumes, support an artist or orchestra member, or be the one who donates the spotlight and crew. See where your money is going and how. Support our biggest season yet!

“When we all play a part, great things can happen . . .in the theatre & in our lives.”