The Art of Theatre:
A discipline of skills for an imaginary world and the real world.
Both are essential for healthy humans.


The Theatre Education Council is a group of music faculty, theatre educators and acting coaches affiliated with schools in Madison and its surrounding cities. Led by Education Director, Gail Becker and Artistic Director, Andrew Abrams, the council meets quarterly throughout the school year. We explore, develop and supplement Arts education in participating schools with programs created through the collaboration of the Council and Capital City Theatre. Council members become connected to a strong network of arts educators and artists throughout Wisconsin. We share resources, ignite ideas, and help offer students the chance to develop strong artistic and technical skills through practical experience. Students learn to express themselves in a healthy way, and nurture skills that they discover within the programs and through internships.


Capital City Theatre is devoted to involving young performers, designers, and technicians in it’s productions. Internships in all aspects of theatre production are available and applicants will be considered throughout each season. The experience of working with professionals and exceptional artists in these fields is immeasurable. We encourage all those interested in obtaining an internship with Capital City Theatre to send a resume and letter to describing your desire to work in this capacity. Certain internships may come with a stipend.


FYL graduates Olivia De Waart (left) and Jacob Rankin (right) both interned with major roles in “Violet”, Capital City’s inaugural production.

Some of our Find Your Light (FYL) program participants will be invited to become interns with Capital City Theatre, and perform in main stage shows.

“FYL has made me feel stronger and more confident in all aspects of musical theatre.”
— Olivia de Waart


The creators behind the scenes of a brilliant production are talented, smart individuals who have directorial, technical, equipment, design, and engineering gifts that set the stage for an amazing experience. Our internships in the art of stagecraft provide opportunities for young people to learn from the best. Certain interns will proceed to work in the theatre, while others get a head start in a variety of non-theatre careers, but with on-the-job training they can’t get anywhere else. To see the types of careers our interns could grow into, read about the brilliant creative team for Violet, Capital City Theatre’s inaugural production

“This program and the people I worked with helped me discover more about myself.”
— Zach Wolff


Assistant Stage Manager, Delaney Egan (left) helping Violet Director Stephen Amato with some pre-production planning, and to share his vision of the show.

Theatre companies need bright business minds who understand the front and the back of the house, as well as the stage. Internships in assistant stage management, marketing, research, events and more offer opportunities to learn to create theatre from the business end.

“FYL has taught me valuable musical theatre skills that I will NEVER stop using.”
— Randy Kessenich