Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill

“…a beautiful and mesmerizing performance to watch…” _Broadway World

The Cast

Tracey Conyer Lee, Billie Holliday

Kenny M. Green, Piano

Joey Banks, Drums

John Christensen, Bass

“You are not at a play. You are in a jazz club watching an amazing concert complete with a three-piece band. …It was a beautiful and mesmerizing performance to watch. . .

. . .That night, because of this outstanding cast, and amazing script, I fell in love, just a little bit, with Billie Holiday.”

_Broadway World



25th Annual
Putnam County Spelling Bee


“Capital City Theatre sets the stage so well for its first musical of the season that at least one former spelling bee champ (yours truly. . .) was beginning to get nervous butterflies in her stomach.” _Isthmus


“Capital City Theatre … puts on great work... Those who were honored enough to see Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill, know exactly what I am talking about . . . This is a fun romp that leaves you wanting more, while nudging you to look closely at your own relationships.” _Broadway World

The Cast

Tom Vendafreddo, Chip Tolentino
Jake Morrissy, Leif Coneybear
Steven Mooney, William Barfee
Meagan Lee Hodson, Marcy Park
Stacy DeGolier, Olive Ostrowsky
Hilary Fingerman, Logainne SchwartzandGrubenierre
Edwin Bates, Mitch Mahoney
Lisa Speirer, Rona Lisa Perretti
Patrick Fernan, Doulas Panch