The Hunchback of Notre Dame

“Capital City Theatre’s Hunchback is a Triumph!” _Isthmus

Kat Steinnon Photography

Kat Steinnon Photography


"From the first goose bump inducing crescendo to the final tear jerking note played, this musical will affect you. You'll then take it home with you, think about it, and it will affect you again. It's that good!"

~Broadway World

"An amazing production of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Everything was spectacular. The acting, vocals, orchestra and chorus were outstanding. Bravos to Andrew Abrams and the entire cast, crew, and orchestra!"

_Michael Bruno, Host of Backstage With Bruno at WISC-TV / Channel 3000

The Main Cast

Julian Decker, Quasimodo

Syndee Winters, Esmeralda

Ryan Knowles, Frollo

Travis Leland, Captain Phoebus

Hassan Nazari-Robati, Clopin Trouillefou

"His third time playing the role of Quasimodo, Decker not only shows off a clear, noble voice of the mistreated “monster,” his physicality is extraordinary. ... On opening night, Decker’s exquisite performance was rewarded with extended applause after his moving ballad, “Made of Stone.”"

_Gwendolyn Rice

"The two leads are incredibly talented. ... beautiful music, just really well done. ... Andy Abrams always puts together incredible talent."

_~Michael Bruno, Channel 3000/News 3, Backstage with Bruno

notable notes

Biggest Performance by a Cast of 1000’s: _Gwendolyn Rice of Isthmus Magazine, Best of 2018