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Support the Conservatory

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Capital City Theatre believes that a solid education helps performers get into college degree programs, get hired more often, and create financially sustainable careers. We offer classes in:

  • Musical Theatre Performance Intensives

  • Dance

  • Music Theory, Vocal Technique, Stage Technique

  • Backstage Arts / Stage Craft

  • Master Classes with Broadway Greats

  • Internships

  • Mainstage Performance Opportunities

Help us grow these programs, and create outreach opportunities.

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About the Conservatory


Capital City Theatre Conservatory (CCTC) is an accomplished musical theatre training program, located right in the heart of the Midwest. Our top-level instruction bridges the gap between youth and adult skill sets, and primes those individuals who are looking to take the next step and build a professional musical theatre career. We employ a holistic approach that encompasses the major disciplines of singing, acting, dancing and other stage crafts.

CCTC offers courses, workshops, and intensives providing unique and comprehensive opportunities. We are committed to serving all communities and economic backgrounds with adjustable financial responsibilities. CCTC helps refine well-balanced artists who exude confidence, creativity, and collaborative skills and are fully prepared to grow into future generations of musical theatre career professionals and specialists.

This year, the students will be performing “Carrie: The Musical,” based on the famous novel by Stephen King.